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Cosmetics and beauty

We give you a new radiance: refreshment for your complexion

No beauty treatment would be complete without facial cleansing and facials. Our cosmetic products and experienced cosmeticians ensure a beautiful radiant appearance. 
For optimum results with a lasting effect!
Our products are tailored in every respect to each individual. 

Treat yourself to a little time out and reward yourself - you are on holiday after all!

This pampering programme offers peace, relaxation and a wonderfully delicate complexion: soothed - relaxed - cared for - pampered.
Full facial, neck and décolleté massage (90 minutes)

EUR 68,00

For all stressed and strained skins. Your skin's equilibrium will be visible and perceptibly restored through stabilisation of all skin functions
Small face massage (60 minutes)

EUR 42,00

Frees the skin from the signs of stress and gives a unique calm and balanced feeling to the skin. Redness and irritation are reduced and the skin looks smooth and even.
Full facial, neck and décolleté massage (90 minutes)

EUR 70,00

Anti-aging treatment for all stressed skins. Tiny wrinkles are smoothed out and elasticity is enhanced. The complexion is relaxed and serene; the skin feels tighter and firmer.
Full facial, neck and décolleté massage (90 minutes)

EUR 84,00

Moisture lends volume, firmness and a youthful glow to the skin: moisturised - smoothed - firmed - refreshed.
Small facial massage (60 minutes)

EUR 65,00

For demanding skin. A restorative programme that gives the skin vitality, wellbeing and beauty: regenerated - relaxed - smoothed - pampered. A short back relaxation massage beforehand while seated. While the mask is left to act, you will be given a hand massage and finally a full facial, neck and décolleté massage (90 minutes)

EUR 105,00

Provides intensive moisturising while helping the skin to lastingly bind moisture. Irritations and negative stimuli are reduced and the skin surface appears smooth and fresh.
Small facial (60 minutes)

EUR 40,00

The intensive treatment for demanding, stressed male skin. The visible signs of skin aging are minimised and the relaxing and revitalising treatment experience ensures a dynamic and energetic radiance
Full facial massage (70 minutes)

EUR 59,00

Delight all senses – experience the fascinating combination of massage, energy treatment and the relaxing effect of the warm aromatic massage stones; a profound, holistic experience that appeals to all five senses equally. (60 minutes)

EUR 60,00

Cleaning, peeling, steaming, cleansing, mask, day care (40 minutes)

EUR 25,00

Cleansing, peeling and massage. Bring a new fresh radiance to your skin. Sheer visible relaxation with active substance serum. (30 minutes)

EUR 30,00

Cleansing with a soft peeling. Brief steaming, slight cleansing, short facial massage with a soothing serum. (30 minutes)

EUR 15,00

For a well cared for and smooth back. (30 minutes)

EUR 18,00

 Eyelash dyeing EUR 8,00
 Eyebrow dyeing EUR 6,00
 Eyebrow plucking from EUR 3.00
 Manicure without varnish EUR 22,00
 Manicure with varnish EUR 27,00
 Manicure with peeling and hand pack EUR 32,00
 Day make-up EUR 13,00
 Evening make-up EUR 18,00
 Medical foot care without varnish EUR 22,50
 Medical foot care with varnish EUR 27,50

Zimmer und Suiten

Zimmer & Suiten

Vom Single bis zur Großfamilie, wir haben die passenden Zimmer für Sie.


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Unsere Minitrips sind spezielle Angebote zu jeder Jahreszeit, für alle, die sich eine kurze Auszeit gönnen möchten um ein bisschen Seeluft zu schnuppern!

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