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Whether after a round of golf, a day trip or a day on the beach: our wellness programme rapidly relieves tensions. All muscles will be relaxed and the whole body will be revitalized.

Trust the gentle healing hands of our massage therapists.

Relaxation begins the moment you enter our new wellness area! Our aim is to provide our guests maximum relaxation and wellbeing.

Let yourself go and enjoy the sheer relaxation in a calming, harmonious atmosphere.
Here you can choose among 14 different massage techniques:

Tender loving care for your skin. Pampering, caressing and pleasant for the whole body, the silk glove massage provides you a gentle peeling, improved circulation and relaxation (40 minutes)

EUR 45,00

The scent of the warm chocolate oil conveys a sense of security, encourages joie de vivre through the mood-lifting effect of the cacao and provides wonderful care for your skin. (55 minutes)

EUR 60,00

Soothing, relaxing rubbing with the aromatic oil of your choice lets you slip into deep relaxation. (40 minutes)

EUR 45,00

Vigorous, relaxing massage of the shoulders and back after hot compresses (25 minutes)

EUR 27,50

A deeply relaxing massage for the shoulders, back of the neck, face and head in combination with a heat pack. (25 minutes)

EUR 30,00

Classic whole body massage combined with a heat pack. (55 minutes)

EUR 60,00

Balancing and relaxing massage of the reflex zones of the feet (40 minutes)

EUR 45,00

The reflex zones of the feet, the legs and the back and shoulders are massaged in combination with a heat pack. (40 minutes)

EUR 45,00

The honey massage on the back has a reflective effect on the entire body directly through the skin and improves circulation, relaxes the muscles and connective tissue and purifies the tissues.
(25 minutes)

EUR 30,00

Intensive work on the body with pressure and stretching; energy flow within the body is encouraged, muscle tensions and blockades are relieved. Without oil! Please wear comfortable clothes!

 (25 Minuten) EUR 30,00

 (55 Minuten) EUR 60,00

A Thai massage technique with aromatic oil in which vigorous massaging movements are combined with stretching and pressure.

 (Rücken - Schulter, 25 Minuten) EUR 30,00

 (Ganzkörper, 55 Minuten) EUR 60,00

Relaxing massage with coconut oil to encourage circulation in the reflex zones on the scalp - in addition to the forehead, back of the neck and ears.

EUR 30,00

The clear and warm tones of the singing bowls focus and harmonise our bodily energy; blockades and muscle tensions can be released. Our inner resources are reinforced and deep relaxation is possible.

(25 Minuten) EUR 30,00

(55 Minuten) EUR 60,00

The heat released by the shells combined with the special massage technique creates a deep sense of wellbeing and gently relieves physical and mental tensions.
(40 minutes)

EUR 45,00

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